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assembly2014 Constitutional Vote

We need your vote! In January 2014 - a joint committee consisting of BOTH faculty and administrators was established to work on revisions to the IFAS Constitution. The committee, with input from IFAS faculty and administration, prepared a set of recommended revisions that were presented to the Faculty Assembly as an informational item in April.  


assembly2013 State of the University

Dr. Machen gave his annual update on the State of the University at the first Faculty Senate meeting of the year. There was plenty of optimism as UF strives to achieve preeminence and β€œTop 10” status, and state financial support was allocated to achieve this goal. Online learning and development of programs for E-Campus is also a major focus as UF tries to reach out beyond the borders of Gainesville and its associated research centers. Finally – a neat fact – the poet Robert Frost used to spend his winters in Gainesville. How many of us had to memorize that poem in Middle/High School English? For a transcript of his speech, please click here.

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The purpose of shared governance is to provide avenues for university improvement and productivity through the creation of a partnership based on mutual respect and collaboration. More...

assemblyAdditional Documents

Download Board of Trustees Shared Governance Resolution, Presidential Faculty Senate Task Force Report on Shared Governance, UF Senate Resolution on Budgeting, Milestones and Accomplishments for 2008-2009.