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assembly2013 State of the University

Dr. Machen gave his annual update on the State of the University at the first Faculty Senate meeting of the year. There was plenty of optimism as UF strives to achieve preeminence and “Top 10” status, and state financial support was allocated to achieve this goal. Online learning and development of programs for E-Campus is also a major focus as UF tries to reach out beyond the borders of Gainesville and its associated research centers. Finally – a neat fact – the poet Robert Frost used to spend his winters in Gainesville. How many of us had to memorize that poem in Middle/High School English? For a transcript of his speech, please click here.

assemblyUF Faculty Senate Nominations

In April, IFAS will be electing eight (8) representatives to serve three-year terms (2013-16) on the University of Florida Faculty Senate. If you would like to nominate someone (or volunteer yourself), please verify that the individual is willing to have their name placed on the ballot and email a brief biographical paragraph about the nominee to Virginia Mauldin ( by Friday, February 15, 2013. Information in the paragraph should include current title and position; nature of research, teaching, and/or extension programs; length of time at UF; academic background; and previous committee work.



assemblyChanges in the UF Leave Policies

***This message does NOT apply to Faculty with Federal Benefits***

This is a reminder of the changes in the UF Leave Policies.  You may need to use some Vacation before the end of the year.

On or around January 1, 2013, an adjustment will be made to Vacation Leave balances over the maximum allowed. For faculty and TEAMS employees the balance will be lowered to 352 hours and the number of hours over 352 will be rolled into Sick Leave.  The number of hours for USPS employees is 240 – anything over 240 hours will roll over to Sick Leave.

There was no roll over on 2012.  Because of the rule change lowering the maximum Vacation Leave balance, employees were given the opportunity to use as many hours as possible before the roll over in 2013.

Please check your Vacation Leave balance for future planning.

assemblySmaller Tuition Increase Will Require Extra $4 Million in Cuts

From the Gainesville Sun:

"UF President Bernie Machen told trustees Thursday in a conference-call meeting that raising undergraduate tuition by 9 percent, rather than the original plan of 15 percent, means he'll need to make as much as $4 million in additional budget cuts.

The money initially will come from one-time funds that had been dedicated to other purposes, he said, but later will need to be covered by recurring cuts or new revenue." ...

..."UF trustees last month approved $36.8 million in cuts to deal with UF's portion of the reduction. Colleges and support units are making cuts that include layoffs, reduced funding for graduate students and closing two branch libraries.

"We do not believe we can ask these units for any additional cuts at this time," Machen said."...

Please read the full article here.

assemblyState of the Institute

Jack Payne, UF Senior Vice President for Agriculture and Natural resources, addressed the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences’ faculty assembly on Oct. 3, 2011. In the address, he offers an overview of challenges faced by IFAS as well as ways to begin solving those challenges. He also answers questions from the faculty.

assemblyFaculty Assembly Blog

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assemblyIFAS Faculty Assembly

The purpose of shared governance is to provide avenues for university improvement and productivity through the creation of a partnership based on mutual respect and collaboration. More...

assemblyAdditional Documents

Download Board of Trustees Shared Governance Resolution, Presidential Faculty Senate Task Force Report on Shared Governance, UF Senate Resolution on Budgeting, Milestones and Accomplishments for 2008-2009.