What is Shared Governance?

At a University of Florida forum in 2006, a Faculty Senate Senate-Presidential Task Force defined shared governance in the academic mission of the university as a

"collaborative participation of administrators and faculty in the decision and policy making process"

The purpose of shared governance is to provide avenues for university improvement and productivity through the creation of a partnership based on mutual respect and collaboration. The Senate-Presidential Task Force identified the core principles of shared governance as mutuality, collegiality, and collaboration; transparency; representative participation; mutual accountability; and clarity of roles. The Task Force further observed that shared governance is the hallmark of the American university system and is essential to an institution’s success in achieving the highest level of distinction in academics. It was further recognized that shared governance must occur at all levels of University life, from the department to the college to the University in order to be successful. The establishment of a shared governance model of operation at the University of Florida and within the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) is based on the fact that the University Board of Trustees, the University President, the Faculty Senate, UF/IFAS Administration and faculty are committed to the principles of shared governance at all levels of University.

Download a copy of the UF/IFAS Constitution - effective date July 16, 2014

The Faculty Senate in collaboration with the President has ensured that the principles and processes of shared governance are implemented at all levels of the university, which include procedures to ensure faculty collaboration in: strategic planning; setting budget priorities; setting resource allocation priorities; and resolving differences between faculty and administration. Effective shared governance must include procedures for periodic review and evaluation of shared governance in practice, and include a means of communicating shared governance principles, processes and outcomes to all members of the unit.

The faculty and administrators of UF/IFAS are committed to the concept of shared governance. One very important way that shared governance is made operational in the Institute is through the Faculty Assembly. The faculty meets in assemblies: to establish processes of shared-governance including various committees; and to make recommendations to the Administration regarding matters of mutual interest, as established by the UF/IFAS Constitution in accordance with the general policies, rules and regulations of the Board of Trustees and the University.

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