Executive Committee


The Executive Committee coordinates and manages the workflow of the Faculty Assembly. It advises the Chair of the Faculty Assembly on all matters, including issues brought to its attention from outside Assembly or Administration formal structures. The Executive Committee determines the agenda for each meeting of the Faculty Assembly. It provides for reporting to the Faculty Assembly by administrative officers, by the chairpersons of committees, and by individuals. It coordinates, reviews, and refers actions and proposals from Faculty Assembly and Joint Committees and from the IFAS Administration. The Executive Committee also refers matters to standing or ad hoc committees.

Current Members

Shirley Baker (Chair)
Peter Dittmar (Chair Elect)
Allan Bacon (Secretary)
Senthold Asseng (Tenure Permanent Status Promotion – State)
Maia McGuire (Tenure Permanent Status Promotion – County)
Patrick Inglett (Curriculum)
Mark Ritenour (Infrastructure and Resource)
Lisa Lundy (Professional Welfare)

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